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SAM Labs Teacher Pro Solutions Coding Subscription Plan

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Create, code, and experiment with up to 30 learners in Grades 4-8 using this powerful beginner’s coding kit. No matter your experience level with coding, teach students fundamental learning and 21st-century workforce skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration through a combination of a subscription to our coding platform, SAM Studio, Bluetooth-enabled blocks, standard-aligned lesson plans, and certified educator support.

Features and Benefits

  • 75+ hours of CSTA-aligned structured lesson materials for 4-8th Grade written by teachers
  • Character-driven narrative, explore block-based coding with Sam to learn Computer Science concepts, code a program, reflect and debug
  • SAM Studio provides an immersive web-based coding platform. Easily access step by step instructions, coding tutorials, and resources
  • Hands-on physical computing and easy wireless setup allows for simple integration into the classroom
  • Hardware is Lego compatible and other readily-available classroom materials

All Learn to Code Course Bundles include: 1 Learn to Code Classroom Kit (with built-in charging station) + Tiered Yearly Subscription to SAM Studio

Learn to Code Classroom kit includes:

  • 10x micro:bits
  • 10x micro:bit battery holder
  • 10x micro:bit data cable
  • 10x Light Sensor
  • 10x Buzzer
  • 10x Slider
  • 20 x Small Lego compatible Holder
  • 10 x Large Lego compatible Holder
  • 1 set of 4 international plug adapters

Main Specifications