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Copernicus Tech Tub2 Modular Cart with UV Tub - charges 26 devices

Tech Tub2 Modular Cart | 26 devices | Fully enclosed sanitization chamber | UVC sanitization | Fits iPads, VR Headsets, headphones, robotics, and other classroom technology
MSRP: $3,201.24
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In one minute, sanitize devices, robotics, headphones, toys and more to a 99.99% kill*. Lab tested and UL/UL-C Certified.
Tech Tub2® Modular Carts now include options which have a UV Tech Tub to create a complete device charging, storing and sanitizing solution that sanitizes devices in one minute. The large chamber sanitizes Chromebook™ keyboards and screens
(when open), VR headsets, headphones, robotics and other commonly used classroom items. To encouraging physical distancing the tubs unclip from the cart and can be placed around the classroom. They are also a flexible solution for 1:1 environments.

Green Tech Tubs Charge 26 devices and blue UV Tech Tub sanitizes devices in less than one minute (one at a time).


  • One minute to sanitizes to a 99.99% kill* of common hospital and classroom viruses and bacteria
  • Fully enclosed sanitization chamber (no UVC exposure to user)
  • Sanitizes tablets, Chromebooks and other devices, robotics, headphones, toys and other commonly used classroom items
  • Chromebooks can be sanitized while open, cleaning the outside, germy keyboard and screen
  • Large chamber also fits VR headsets, headphones, robotics and other high-tech and low-tech classroom items
  • The UV bulbs turn on only when the door is closed securely and start button is pushed
  • UVC filtering window (to check bulbs are working)
  • Lights on the door also indicate UVC disinfection status
  • UVC bulbs have shatterproof sleeves to prevent glass and gases from escaping if a bulb is broken
  • Bulbs emit UVC radiation at a wavelength of 254nm which is proven to be effective at eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Bulbs are arranged to provide complete 360 degrees of irradiance and the highly reflective polished aluminum chamber maximizes effectiveness of the UVC bulbs
  • Bulbs are easy to replace by educators (available from Copernicus) and are rated for 11,000 hours**
  • 12 Medical grade testing cards to check effective germicidal level of UVC (monthly checks are recommended and additional cards available from Copernicus). Learn more about disometer cards.
  • UL/UL-C Certified***
  • Mounting hardware to secure tub to a surface or can clip onto a Tech Tub2

*Kill rate based on third-party Biological lab testing (BSL-2 certified facility). A 99.99% kill is achieved on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA or staph infection), Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 (E. coli), Streptococcus pyogenes (strep infection) and Coxsackievirus (hand, foot and mouth). Please note, on H1N1 (influenza A), a 99.9% kill rate is achieved.

**Phillips brand bulbs are easily replaced and available from Copernicus. Bulb hours may vary based on frequency of use.

***If you remove your UV tech Tub from the Modular Cart, do not place the UV Tech Tub on the floor. Only place the UV Tech Tub on surfaces that are at least 30" above the floor. This is to prevent accidental collisions that can cause damage or injury from impact and tip over.

Modular Cart Features:

  • Sturdy cart with two handles for ease of mobility
  • Includes 3 Tech Tubs® that store and charge 26 devices (1 x FTT700 and 2 x FTT1100)
  • Individual tubs can be locked together for added security
  • Tubs connect and break apart using clips (eases deployment bottlenecks)
  • 3-point door lock with 2 keys (for each tub)
  • Cable management on back
  • 4” locking casters
  • Power timer for charging (requires 1 outlet)
  • Charging is compatible with USB-A iPad Adapters only. Please call for USB-C inquires.

Main Specifications