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Ricoh Compact Laser PJ WXL5860 DLP Projector - 16:10 - Portable, Wall Mountable, Ceiling Mountable, Floor Mountable

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Laser Projector Taking visual excellence to the big screen.

Multi-Module Laser Light Source

The multi-module design supports seamless projection by originating the laser beam from multiple diodes. If one diode malfunctions, the overall brightness remains relatively unaffected, significantly reducing the likelihood of loss of projection light and interrupted presentations. This series offers three power modes, Normal, Eco, and Image Eco, to dynamically adjust power consumptions and extend the life of the laser diode.

High image quality and wide color gamut

The laser light source exhibits a pure texture, covering more than 92% of the Rec.709 color gamut range. RICOH'S unique NCE natural gain technology allows for lifelike color reproduction to fit the needs of the environment.

4K signal compatible display

Supporting 3840x2160 50/60HZ, equivalent to 4K resolution input, the RICOH PJ WUL5860/WXL5860 allows for direct playback of audio and video content in 4K resolution format.

Horizontal and vertical keystone/ Four corners correction

Due to installation conditions, image distortion and deformation may occur once the projector is set up. The built-in four corners correction function enables individual adjustments for each corner of the projection screen. When paired with horizontal and vertical keystone adjustments, a perfectly rectangular view can be achieved.

Vertical lens shift

The RICOH PJ WUL5860/WXL5860 supports vertical lens shift, greatly improving the convenience of use, and easily presenting high-quality images.

IP6X Dust-proof design

Dust plays a crucial role in impacting a projector's lifespan. The RICOH PJ WUL5860/WXL5860's optical engine is fully enclosed, with a dust-proof rating of IP6X. This significantly reduces maintenance costs and prolongs the life of the projector by mitigating common issues caused by contaminants, such as image speckling and brightness decline.

HDMI 2.0 terminal

Experience vibrant and seamless playback as the RICOH PJ WUL5860/WXL5860 is equipped with an HDMI2.0 input, allowing for a refresh rate of 50/60Hz at 4K resolution.

20,000H long life

Utilizing a laser light source enables a maintenance-free operation for up to 20,000 hours, significantly reducing maintenance time and costs in comparison to conventional lamp projectors.

Quick start-up

Due to laser technology, users can experience instant highdefinition images without delay once the projector is powered on.

Mercury-free environmental protection 20,000h long life

Compared to high voltage mercury lamps commonly used in projectors, the solid-state semiconductor laser light source used in the PJ WUL5860/WXL5860 series doesn't contain harmful mercury elements, leading the trend of green projectors.

360 degree installation and support portrait projection

The RICOH PJ WUL5860/WXL5860 supports 360-degree installation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications like ceiling, floor, or wall projection.


Effortlessly project high-definition medical images in a variety of environments with DICOM-SIM mode. The RICOH PJ WUL5860/ WXL5860 is optimized for displaying monochromatic medical images like X-Ray film, MRI scans, and tomography images.

Remote Control ID customization

By using the remote control numbering function, up to 99 projectors can be set with different remote control numbers. The remote controller can control the corresponding projectors by switching different IDs, avoiding simultaneous control of multiple adjacent projectors when using the remote controller.

  • High resolution WXGA and WUXGA
  • 4,700/4,000lm laser projector
  • 20,000h maintenance free
  • Compact and portable design

Main Specifications