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Panasonic PT-LMZ460U LCD Projector - 16:10 - Ceiling Mountable, Floor Mountable, Portable

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Effortless Projection Anywhere, Anytime

Take It Anywhere

LMZ460 Series has width and depth not much larger than a laptop computer and weighs just 4.2 kg (9.26 lbs). It's light enough to carry wherever you need to go, and is easy to install on the ceiling. Setup is simple: just set on a desktop, connect your source, switch on, and start presenting.

Start Work Instantly

Start the class or meeting instantly without delays that lose your group's attention. Unlike lamp-based projectors, which take time to start up, LMZ460 Series projects your content about one second1 after powering on from standby thanks to its SOLID SHINE Laser light source. It also features a Direct Off function, so you can turn the projector off any time via the room breaker.

Quiet Operation Keeps People Focused

Quiet Mode reduces operating noise to as little as 23 dB1-the same apparent loudness as rustling leaves. LMZ460 Series fits unobtrusively into the installation environment and minimizes distractions even when the group is seated close by the projector. Quiet projection helps keep attention focused on the presentation, whether your class or colleagues are in the room or participating remotely.

Digital Zoom Extender Adds Digital Image Shift Function

Digital Zoom Extender evolves with a new Digital Image Shift function. Digital Image Shift provides a convenient workaround when it's not possible to install the projector at the center of the screen due to light fittings or air-conditioning vents on the ceiling, or in cases where the ceiling is too high. You can use the remote control to digitally shift the image 10% up or down and 10% left or right so it fits on your screen.

Digital Zoom Extender function allows you to keep the same mount position as your old projector even if it's too far from the screen, saving construction work. It extends throw-distance past the range of optical zoom so the image is projected at the desired size on your screen. Furthermore, LMZ460 Series uses the same mount and attachment bracket as the conventional lamp-based PT-LB426 Series, so if you're updating, you can bolt the new projector straight in.

Screen Adjustment with Automatic Vertical Keystone Correction

PT-LMZ460 Series features a convenient screen adjustment system operable by remote control. It includes Automatic Vertical Keystone Correction that fixes trapezoidal distortion when the projector is tilted up or down; 4-Corner and Horizontal/Vertical Keystone Correction to correct the image when projecting at an angle; 6-Point Correction that removes distortion when projecting an image into the corner of a room; and Curved Screen Correction to remove barrel or pincushion distortion when projecting onto curved surfaces.

Efficient, Reliable, and Cost-Effective

Designed for Stress-free Life

Excellent picture quality is just one benefit of laser projection. Both the light source and ECO Filter don't need to be replaced until about 20,000 hours. Comparable lamp projectors would need between one and four lamp changes plus filter maintenance if operated for the same amount of time. You also don't need to worry about disposing of expired lamps, and the ECO Filter can be washed and reused, saving waste. It's easy to see how laser projection reduces cost and maintenance hassle. And thanks to the light-source's controlled brightness ramp and consistently uniform color reproduction, images stay clear and vivid for much longer.

  • These LCD projectors can be used in large rooms where a greater projection distance is needed
  • Delivers powerful 4600 lm brightness for clear visuals
  • Delivers high-quality widescreen performance in any settings with the WXGA graphic mode on
  • The 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio gives depth to your visuals
  • Enjoy PC-free projection with USB port

Main Specifications