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HPE P23664-B21 InfiniBand HDR/Ethernet 200Gb 1-port QSFP56 MCX653105A-HDAT PCIe 4 x16 Adapter

SKU: P23664-B21
MSRP: $2,407.00

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Low Latency, High-Bandwidth InfiniBand Connectivity

HPE HDR InfiniBand adapters deliver up to 200Gbps bandwidth and a sub-microsecond latency for demanding high performance computing (HPC) workloads.

The HPE InfiniBand HDR100 adapters, combined with HDR switches and HDR cables, are aimed at simplified infrastructure by reducing the number of required switches for a given 100Gbps InfiniBand fabric.

HPE HDR InfiniBand adapters are supported on the HPE Apollo XL and HPE ProLiant DL Gen10 and Gen10 Plus servers.

Offloading Mechanisms

HPE HDR InfiniBand adapters include multiple offload engines that speed up communications by delivering a low CPU overhead for increasing throughput.

HPE HDR InfiniBand adapters support MPI tag matching and rendezvous offloads, along with adaptive routing on reliable transport.

  • To fulfill your need this infiniband/ethernet host bus adapter is a perfect choice
  • The PCI Express 4.0 x16 interface provides smooth data transfer and outstanding performance
  • With the data speed of 200 Gbit/s, get a quick response while updating or transferring files

Main Specifications