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HoverCam HCEG-35 eGlass Lightboard with Built-in Camera - 35"

Transparent writing glass with a built in camera | Captures writing & teachers face | USB jack | LED lighting | Live video displayed on projector or flat panel
SKU: HCeG-35
MSRP: $2,665.00
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eGlass is a transparent light board with a built-in camera. It’s about to change the way we teach in-class, online, everywhere and anywhere. Features: Adjustable in-glass lighting - Gives the neon ink an eye catching glow. Fold-out camera - The 4K polarized, distortion-free lens captures the teacher’s face and writing, then flips the image so the writing isn’t backwards. USB connection - Plug in for use with a PC, Mac, or Chromebook. Control panel - One-touch lesson recording, lighting and camera adjustments, and a built-in microphone. Adjustable instructor lighting - Brightens up the instructor’s face. ChromaClear™ technology - A combination of illumination, digital imaging and optics that give writing a magical neon glow, and eliminate erasing smudges. Sturdy support legs - Fully adjustable for the perfect height. Optional adjustable stand available.

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