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Copernicus Mobile Tech Station (Base Model)

Durable metal frame | Dewey the Document Camera Mount that holds tablets or smartphones | Ring light with three color modes and brightness adjustment
MSRP: $1,036.00
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Spend less time setting up your tech and more time doing what you love—teaching!

Teaching in-class and online poses many challenges including managing all the gadgets to set up the technology required to for tech-driven lessons. This customizable, mobile desk has a spot for everything—just connect your devices and you’re ready to go!

This base model is an affordable starting point with the basics needed for teaching tech-driven lessons or for students to use in a media center for recording and streaming video. The sturdy work station includes a desktop with enough room for a laptop or to demonstrate a lesson. The Dewey Document Camera mounts to the frame and holds a smartphone or tablet and can be used for recording the teacher or pivoted to show a demonstration on the desktop. A ring light also attached to the frame provides proper illumination for video recording. The new Mobile Tech Station Base Model can be customized with components that support the technology a teacher uses and their preferred ergonomics; essentially replacing a traditional desk.

All the wires are kept tidy by running to a power strip and under mounted cable management below the tabletop with only one plug going to the wall. This reduces the trip hazard of multiple cords going to an outlet and makes it very easy to move around a classroom without disrupting the tech setup already in place.

Optional add-ons are available to customize the station such as a laptop tray, Stubby Tubby Pull-out Drawer, Really Big Tub for storage along the bottom and a Pack and Go Whiteboard Easel.

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