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Bosch Control Unit

MSRP: $1,850.00

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The Control Unit is the main component of the CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System. It supplies DC power to all connected Discussion Devices (CCSD-DS/ CCSD-DL) and monitors and controls the discussion system.

  • Up to 80 Discussion Devices can be connected to a single Control Unit; the system can be expanded to a maximum of 245 Discussion Devices by using Extension Units (CCSD-EXU).
  • Touch-button control allows for easy configuration and operation of the unit, while intuitive LED indicators give a clear indication of the system settings.
  • Conveniently positioned connections at the rear of the unit enable peripheral equipment to be connected to the discussion system, such as audio equipment, Ethernet switches, video switches, Bosch HD Conference Domes, and a PC or laptop.
  • An intuitive web browser interface control allows basic and advanced system settings to be easily viewed and changed, as required.

There are two types of Control Unit: the CCSD-CU and the CCSD-CURD.

  • The CCSD-CURD Control Unit has MP3 recording and Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS).
  • Four RCA outputs at the rear of the CCSD-CURD ensure that it is optimized for use in courtrooms, i.e. for recording individual speakers.

Main Specifications