Top Rated Robotics For Your STEM Classroom

Top Rated Robotics For Your STEM Classroom

Educating students with robotics is a great way to engage with your students AND help them learn programming and problem-solving skills. This is exceptionally helpful for students that learn in a tactile fashion.

UBTECH UKIT with Robot

UBTech UKits

UBTECH Education’s UKITs support science education that meets NGSS and implements the 3D learning model, allowing teachers to deliver engaging instruction.


  • A comprehensive building kit with sensor integration is included. No additional pieces are required
  • NGSS-aligned curriculum provides 5E lesson plans on integrated STEM topics
  • UBTECH Education’s proprietary app lets students build and program their robotics projects with block-based coding
  • Pre-designed models are included in the app or create your own custom robots

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Wonder Workshop Dash & Cue

Take K-12 robotics to the next level with the Wonder Workshop Dash and Cue robots. Program them to sing, dance, respond to sound, tell a story, and much more!


  • Available in multiple packs with full robotics curriculum guides
  • Not only learn robotics but coding, math, creative writing, game design, and more!
  • Progress tracking and classroom management for the teacher
  • Optional Professional Development mini-course available depending on pack you choose

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Terrapin Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot

Terrapin Logo Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot

The Terrapin Logo Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot are great for introducing coding and robotics to young students (K-2).


  • Young students learn to record Bee-Bot's movements using arrow keys & watch it go by pressing the green GO button
  • Do everything the Bee-Bot can do remotely with the Blue-Bot
  • Blue-Bot app adds extra capabilities not available on the Blue-Bot
  • See & Say detects and respond with either a beep or a pre-recorded message when encountering another See & Say Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot
Terrapin Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot

BirdBrain Finch Robot

The BirdBrain Finch is a robot that inspires and delights students learning computer science by providing them a tangible representation of their code.


  • Responds to light, temperature, and obstacles, among many other capabilities
  • Support for a range of programming languages and environments, with coding options for students from ages 5 to 105
  • Designed to allow students to write richly interactive programs
  • works with Snap!, Python, and Java

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