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SMART Board GX Series V2 Interactive Display with Embedded OS

SKU: SBID-GX165-V2-65
MSRP: $2,249.00
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The GX series combines the creative power of SMART software with interactive technology innovations to provide SMART’s unique multiuser experience letting your students to intuitively write, erase, touch, and gesture at the same time without interfering with another’s tools—on both Windows and Mac.

Key Features

Embedded Android Computing - Browse the web, and use the whiteboard, apps and widgets to increase student engagement. Access your documents with cloud storage, use WPS office and more. All on an embedded platform with the power and security of Android.

20 continuous touch points: Write, touch, gesture, palm erase Pen, touch AND eraser differentiation.

BYOD device support with USB-C - Interoperability with leading operating systems and front-facing connection ports makes it easy for students and teachers to connect, interact and share.

USB-C supports video, touch and audio easy connectivity with only one cord.

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