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SMART 6000s Interactive Display with iQ and SMART Learning Suite

SKU: SMART 6000S Interactive Display
MSRP: $4,999.00
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Cutting-edge technology at a competitive price, for more connected classrooms and engaging learning. SMART Board 6000S's ease of use brings capability to the classroom without complexity, for a proven return on your technology investment. Plus, it's simple to deploy and support, which means a lower total cost of ownership.

Key Features:

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • LED rated for 50,000 hours LED rated for 50,000 hours
  • Anti-glare glass Anti-glare glass
  • ENERGY STAR ® certification and
EU Ecodesign Compliance ENERGY STAR ® certification and EU Ecodesign Compliance

Hands-on digital learning - Support different ways of teaching and learning with your SMART Board interactive display. Use Tool-Explorer-enabled cubes, stamps, pens, and more for intuitive, engaging interaction and collaboration.

SMART Ink - Mark up in real timeTeach one-on-one no matter where students are with ink that works on browsers, applications, files and more.

Powered by iQ - No computer needediQ's integrated Android-based experience gives teachers an easier way to engage students that's specifically designed to be simple and accessible for all teachers, regardless of comfort level with technology. Automatic updates and ease of maintenance and support make iQ the best choice for ensuring your technology investment continues to meet the needs of teachers and classrooms now and in the future.

Bigger, better video conferencing - Engage remote learnersThe 6000S's integrated microphone array lets teachers move freely around the class while maintaining consistently outstanding audio. Connect with remote learners using screen sharing, digital ink, whiteboards, and lesson-delivery tools to focus students' attention.SMART displays work with UVC webcams, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Support Windows and Mac - Works with your techEnjoy the SMART Board experience on any connected Windows or Mac computer. Get precision interaction and intuitive touch and ink with SMART Ink, Object Awareness, and Simultaneous Tool Differentiation across web browsers and applications.

Chrome OS experience - Even better interactionConnect a Chrome OS device to the 6000S so teachers can access the Google Play Store and their apps at the display. Interact intuitively: use gestures and make notes, all with automatic pen recognition, tool differentiation and up to 10 points of interaction in supported applications.

Better touch, more collaboration - Write, erase, and use tools at the same timeHyPr Touch and InGlass technology enable up to 40 simultaneous interactions, with no interruptions for selecting tools or changing modes.

The center of every learning environment - Connect devices and learning experiences Flexible sharing and collaboration in and out of class helps bridge digital and hands-on learning. Students connect and engage easily, whether they're in the classroom or learning remotely. SMART Board 6000S interactive displays works with your other investments in classroom technology and infrastructure, so teachers can focus on teaching.

No subscription required - Powerful teaching tools and resources at your fingertips. Your SMART Board 6000S gives you instant access to award-winning software and resources, including interactive teaching tools and embedded iQ Android computing. Lead the class with tools for student contribution and advanced annotation software, and enhance your lessons with teacher-created lesson resources.


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