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CyberData SIP Dual Relay Controller

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As part of a network-managed IP security infrastructure, the CyberData SIP Dual Relay Controller is a PoE-powered IP device which controls two high amperage relays to manage the unlocking and locking of doors, or activation and deactivation of a device.

The SIP Dual Relay Controller allows network monitoring and control of two relays using the web or DTMF, activating one, both, or in airlock mode. Power for the strikes can be from the internal 12V @ 500 mA supply or from an external power source.

All events are logged with a battery-backed up time stamp, which can be downloaded.

The SIP Dual Relay Controller can also activate its relays with the press of a button. CyberData's Remote Call Button (part number 011508, sold separately) can be wired into the button contacts of the SIP Dual Relay Controller to manage the onboard relays in addition to the SIP DTMF functionality.

Applications include electronic door strikes and other high current machine control as well as fire, security or alarm panels, air quality or temperature sensors, or devices that you would control from a distance.
  • NO/NC contacts
  • 12V @ 500 mA for direct powered strikes
  • Dual 12A relays
  • Supports user-uploadable messages
  • Support for security code to prevent unwanted SIP calls
  • configured by the user
  • Time stamped access log
  • Multicast page and/or SIP call on state of the sensor as
  • Tamper alert can generate a SIP call to an extension
  • Two high amperage relays, activated by DTMF or the web, can activate for a set time (pulse), indefinitely, or as an airlock

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