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CyberData Singlewire RGB Strobe with SIP Support

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When installed, the wall-mounted Singlewire RGB Strobe operates as a visual alerting device.In Singlewire mode, when an audio page is sent to the strobe, a specific color, brightness and blink rate can be selected based on the priority of the page. The Singlewire RGB Strobe supports 10 Singlewire priority levels.

In the SIP mode, the device can be set up as part of a ring group (call group) with the Strobe's specific scene engaged as notification of incoming calls. Through a web page setup, you can have the Strobe respond to message waiting signals by blinking. When the message has been heard, the strobe stops blinking.

The Singlewire RGB Strobe may also be activated by being part of a Multicast group. When audio is detected on a specific Multicast address and port, the strobe will activate.

Users may also use CyberData's HTTP command set to directly access the strobe's functions.

  • Cisco SRST support
  • Event-controlled relay
  • Multicast activation
  • SIP activation
  • Mailbox Message Waiting Indication
  • Program or listen to up to 10 multicast addresses
  • Multiple colors, Blink rate and brightness can be selected for each of the different activation methods
  • Meets ADA requirements for telephony signaling and notification
  • Capable of receiving SingleWire Informacast, SIP and Multicast messages
  • Plays audio from Multicast

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