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Ubiquiti airMAX GigaBeam Plus 60 GHz Radio

MSRP: $179.00

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High-gain 60 GHz radio with a Cassegrain reector that delivers 1.5+ Gbps throughput with low latency

The GigaBeam ® Plus (GBE Plus) is a 60 GHz radio that can be used as a high-throughput backhaul/edge point-topoint(PTP) solution in WISP deployments. With its integrated Cassegrain reector, the GBE Plus delivers 35 dBi antenna gain and can exceed a 1.5 Gbps bidirectional throughput rate with very low latency. Designed for simple deployment and ease of use, the GBE Plus can be set up in minutes and fully managed with the UISP™ web application or mobile app.

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