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Newline Flat Panel Display Wall Mount - 55" to 86"

Wall Mount for Flat-Panel Displays 55" to 86"
SKU: EPR8A50600-000
MSRP: $249.00

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Mount your display to the front of your room with a wall mount. These sturdy solutions help keep your panel secure and in place during daily use.

Sturdy and durable.
Wall mounts should keep the panel locked in place, securing it stay mounted firmly to the wall.

Flimsier designs can cause damage to your interactive display. Be sure to find a solution that protects your panel.

Easy to install.
Newline's wall mount solutions make installation a breeze. The compact designs make it easy to mount the panel as well as adjust the height or tilt of the display.

A variety of solutions.
Newline works with several partners to provide the right wall mounting solution for your needs.

  • Wall Mount offers a dependable mounting solution with maximum productivity
  • Supports 86" displays
  • Sturdy feature for better reliance and usability
  • Wall application/usage for maximum productivity with convenience and optimal results

Main Specifications