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Netgear Instant Captive Portal Wireless Access Point

SKU: CPRTL32-10000S
Availability: 9999
MSRP: $1,829.48
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A Secured, Customizable and Configurable WiFi Portal

Guest WiFi has become a standard feature in many businesses where there are visitors, such as a hotel, a restaurant, a school, or a health clinic. NETGEAR Instant Captive Portal allows businesses to provide a secure guest WiFi access that includes social media login with marketing analytics, customizable advertizing, user session and bandwidth management, and activity tracking with log storage. NETGEAR Instant Captive Portal is easily configurable and customizable with NETGEAR Insight and available on all Insight Managed Wireless Access Points. NETGEAR Instant Captive Portal helps businesses set up a professional portal with all the features of a major franchise with zero development cost.


Multi-SSID per WiFi Access Point

  • Multiple guest WiFi SSIDs
  • Scalable in number of guest WiFi network
  • Scalable in area of WiFi coverage
  • Available on Insight Managed Access Points (WAC500 Series)
Full Customizable Captive Portal Experience
  • Customizable logo, background image, templates and themes for splash page
  • Customizable multiple steps login process
  • WiFi access voucher comes with a variety of different setting capabilities i.e. expiration time, maximum number of devices, new voucher admin role
  • Detailed user analytics
Powerful User Analytics (with Social Login)
  • Logins and sessions
  • Device and browser types
  • New vs. repeat users
  • Login trends by day, week and month
  • User demographic data

Main Specifications