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MooreCo Classroom X Media for 20

Flexible, modern classrooms with media space for up to 20 students
MSRP: $15,794.00
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Maximize Collaborative Learning

Create a classroom that is flexible, cohesive, and supports personalized learning for students.  Student's emotional health and academic success steams from their school environment and kids that feel at home in the classroom are more focused and open to learning.  MooreCo's fun and functional furniture not only looks great but engages student in a creative and welcoming space.

There are four key elements to a modern classroom and student success.  Classroom X makes it easy for educators to get these elements into their spaces;

  • Flexible Layout
  • Furniture for Utility
  • Technology Integration
  • Light-Filled Environment


Flexible Layout

Shapes desks can be arranged in pods, rows, pair set ups and even stadium and curved seating.  The standard Classroom X for 20 includes 20 Shapes Desks, 20 Hierarchy 4-leg student chairs,  one Mobile Teacher Workstation, one Hierarchy 5-Star Stool, one MediaSpace Table, 5 Hierarchy Grow Stools, and one small Visionary Move mobile magnetic glass whiteboard.  These components allow for multiple on-the-fly set up to adapt to changing classroom needs.



Furniture for Utility

The Mobile Teacher Workstation and Hierarchy 5-star Stool quickly moves wherever needed.  The Hierarchy Grow Stools, with wobble and swivel action provide more versatility.


Technology Integration

Opt for the Media space package and get one small MediaSpace table with five height adjustable Hierarchy Grow Stools.  The MediaSpace table provides a technology hub to the classroom, supporting power accessories for monitor, tablets, laptops, and other mobile computing devices.


Light-filled Environment

Choose from nine laminate options and use the natural light in your classroom in the best way possible. From low key lighter finishes, to darker and richer finishes, we let you create a room of contrast and color.


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