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Midland Biztalk BR180 Compact Business Radio

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This lightweight, Biztalk BR180 Compact Business Radio is packed with performance in a 4.6 oz. small design. The 1-watt transmitter provides crystal-clear communication without overpowering other connections. It is designed for restaurants and specialty retail stores to use frequencies designated just for business. Others using consumer-grade FRS radios cannot eavesdrop on your conversations. Battery life lasts up to 14 hours for all-day use. Battery alert lets you know when to recharge. It rapidly charges in just 5 hours. Radio is pre-programmed with four popular frequencies with 99 frequencies in the channel bank and 142 privacy codes. Easily read screen thanks to LCD with backlighting. Get your latest emergency weather reports with the NOAA weather alert. Radio includes a comfortable, Ear Wrap headset.

  • Easily communicate in restaurants and retail stores
  • Provides clean, clear communication up to 14 hours before needing charged
  • Quickly recharges in 5 hours for convenient use
  • Compact design blends in with your attire
  • Creates private conversations without eavesdroppers thanks to designated frequencies and headset (included)

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