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HPE R2J63A SN1610E 32Gb 2-port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter

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Are you looking for next-generation Fibre Channel (FC) adapter for the Modern Data Center?

The HPE SN1610E 32Gb FC Host Bus Adapters (HBA) are designed for demanding mission-critical workloads and emerging applications. Applications continue to grow in size and scale. To support them, enterprises are increasingly turning to new server technologies that contain hundreds of processor cores, as well as high-performance storage solutions, including low-latency Non-volatile Memory Express (NVMe), and all-flash arrays (AFAs). NVMe can significantly increase the performance of storage area networks (SANs), making the selection of high-speed networking technology the critical element for achieving maximum system-wide performance.

Compared to the previous generation, the HPE SN1610E FC HBAs offers higher bandwidth, better latency, enhanced security, and operational efficiency for 32 Gigabit Fiber Channel (GFC). It provides seamless backward compatibility to 16 GFC and 8 GFC networks.
  • Accelerate Workload Performance for NVMe Data Centers
  • The HPE SN1610E 32Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter offers higher bandwidth, better latency, enhanced security, and operational efficiency for 32 GFC storage area networks.
  • It speeds up applications and AFAs, as wells as handles peak workload I/O spikes better than the previous generation adapters.
  • It offers PCIe 4.0 support and provides better interconnect performance bandwidth when compared to PCIe 3.0.
  • Easily Deploy, Manage, and Upgrade SANs
  • The HPE SN1610E 32Gb FC HBA saves time with no server reboots for firmware updates, queue depth changes, and optics replacements.
  • It provides industry-leading HBA reliability though which one can meet the service level agreements on time.
  • It enable full end-to-end implementation of Brocade Fabric Vision from the HBA to the switch.
  • Fully Protect Data
  • The HPE SN1610E 32Gb FC HBA can thwart malicious firmware with a Silicon Root of Trust and digitally signed firmware.

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