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Compulocks Dual Head Coiled T-bar Security Keyed Cable Lock

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The Universal Dual-Head Keyed Coiled Cable Lock allows you to secure any device while allowing a free manipulation of the object, using the same key to easily lock/unlock both lock heads.

This tool secures a large range of devices such as laptops, PCs, Macs, computers, monitors, printers, hard drives, conference-room speakerphones, apple tv, routers, projectors, digital TVs and so on. Of course, it is also compatible with our Ledge adaptors and Blade universal lock.

Both heads use the industry-leading T-bar lock for the highest level of protection. Whether you rely on the standard T-bar security slot or an Adhesive Security Plate, you can secure two devices together or one device that is attached to a desk or stand with the same key.

Our cable locks are the perfect defense against theft or unwanted borrowing by creating a secure environment for all of your technology.

The coiled cable allows discreet use, keeping all excess cabling tightly wound. Made of galvanized steel and slimmer than most cable locks, it has low-profile 180-degree rotating cable connections and 180 degree rotating T-bar head locks making it easier to lock and unlock. This feature also allows the lock to rotate freely while still secured within the lock slot to help prevent theft.

Coiled Cable Lock Includes:
Coiled Cable Lock
2 Lock Keys

  • 2 Keyed T-Bar Style Lock Heads
  • Coiled Galvanized Steel Cable Lock
  • Compatible with Standard Security Slots

Main Specifications