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Cisco FM1200 Volo Radio Modem

MSRP: $1,324.83

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The Cisco FM1200 Volo is part of the Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul portfolio. It is a high-performance radio transceiver, designed for fast, reliable backhaul of mission-critical video, voice and data.

It is intuitive, easy to deploy, and can be used to create point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh networks with real throughput of up to 150 Mbps.

Vertical markets in which the FM1200 Volo can be exploited include - but are not limited to - smart cities, schools, government organizations and universities. It is also well-suited to fixed-architecture applications, such as video surveillance in ports, terminal operations, and mining.

Reduce the cost of network ownership by selecting the amount of throughput you need

Limit the cost of ownership with FluidThrottle by selecting only the amount of throughput required. More throughput can be easily achieved by upgrading the system with software plug-ins when the traffic requirements increase. FluidThrottle makes the Cisco FM1200 Volo cost-effective and future-ready.

Prodigy 2.0 reliable wireless transmission for mission-critical applications

Our Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based transmission protocol is built to overcome the limits of standard wireless protocols and to deliver an infrastructure with a higher level of reliability. At the base of our innovative transmission protocol is a traffic optimization algorithm that allows every Cisco FM radio to assign a specific level of priority and reliability to every packet transmitted. The result is a better, more reliable, multiservice wireless infrastructure.

Up to 150 Mbps of usable throughput with Virtual Gigabit

The innovative FluidThrottle pricing allows throughput to scale as you grow by installing additional plug-ins. Virtual Gigabit allows you to continue growing all the way up to 150 Mbps. By virtually bonding the Ethernet interfaces, real throughput above 100 Mbps is just a click away.

Web interface configures, monitors, and troubleshoots the wireless network

The Cisco FM1200 Volo includes the FMQuadro web interface that allows you to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the wireless network in real time, without any additional software. To simplify the configuration of the wireless network, the radio has a built-in spectrum analyzer and a real-time bandwidth monitoring tool.

Your investment is protected

Your investment is safe when business needs change. With FluidMAX, you don't have to replace your radios when you change the network's architecture from point-to-point to point-to-multipoint or mesh. The Cisco FM1200 Volo can operate in CSMA or TDMA.

Easy installation

IP66 rated, the Cisco FM1200 Volo is designed for low visual impact and easy installation in harsh environments. To facilitate installation, the Cisco FM1200 Volo has a two-cord watertight cable gland with a standard NPT-1 thread so you can run premade CAT5/6 shielded cables or conduit directly to the radio. The highly visible LEDs show the LAN activity and signal strength. The low-power PoE injector enables easy setup.

Wi-Fi service portal

Quick troubleshooting and firmware upgrades can be done without getting out of your truck. For fast and low-cost servicing, you can now wirelessly connect to the Cisco FM1200 Volo via a secure Wi-Fi 802.11n hotspot. The SSID is undetectable and password protected.

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