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AVID AE-54 On-Ear Headphones

Lightweight | Wired | 3.5mm
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The AE-54 headphone by AVID Products is built for academic success and beyond. The adjustable headband fits most head sizes and padded earcups provide comfort and the chew resistant nylon-braided cord with 3.5mm pin connection is compatible with a wide range of devices. AVID has developed this model to meet various state non-microphone testing requirements. The AE-54 is built for quality sound performance and comfort for prolonged use. A perfect choice for the student educational journey, 1:1 learning, home, office, remote working and more. Compliant with product certifications, the AE-54 is a great choice for success.


  • Easy to clean and store
  • Durable and dependable
  • Safety Compliance
  • Clear sound transfer
  • Padded earcups for extended comfort
  • Perfect choice for 1:1 learning
  • Optimal noise reduction
  • Adjustable components for a custom fit
  • Strain relief at earcup cord connection
  • Chew-resistant nylon-braided cord with velcro tie

Quality Sound
Providing excellent sound transfer, the AE-54 is designed to be a safe and dependable headphone audio solution that connects students and educators in a variety of classroom and remote settings.

Adjustable Headband and Comfortable Padded Earcups
The AE-54 delivers a more immersive listening experience thanks to noise-reducing padded earcups that help to maintain focus by reducing surrounding noise. The adjustable headband and cushioned leatherette ear padding provide extended comfort and are easy to clean between uses.

Perfect for 1:1 Learning and Testing
The AE-54 headphone is designed to meet the various non-microphone testing requirements. The over-the-ear style provides a comfortable fit, while the 3.5mm plug ensures compatibility with a variety of devices.

Universal Audio Solution
The AE-54 is designed to deliver the best experience on a wide range of devices with a 3.5mm input, remote learning and audio streaming platforms.

The AE-54 is designed to deliver the best experience on a wide range of devices that offer a 3.5mm input, video conferencing and remote learning platforms- making it a great choice for education, home, office and more.

Main Specifications