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Aruba AP-635 Tri Band IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax 3.90 Gbit/s Wireless Access Point - Indoor

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For enterprises who need more wireless capacity and wider channels, HPE Aruba Networking 630 Series Campus APs are designed to take advantage of the 6 GHz band via three dedicated radios. By using the 6 GHz band, capacity is more than doubled-so you can meet growing demand due to bandwidth-hungry video, increasing numbers of client and IoT devices and growth in cloud. Unique to HPE Aruba Networking, the 630 Series includes ultra tri-band filtering and dual 2.5 Gbps ethernet ports to eliminate coverage gaps, provide greater resiliency, and deliver fast, secure connectivity.

More capacity and wider channels

The HPE Aruba Networking 630 Series APs are designed to take advantage of the 6 GHz band, which translates into far greater speeds, wider channels for multi-gigabit traffic, and less interference. It delivers 3.9 Gbps maximum aggregate data rates Tri-radio, 2x2:2 MIMO in all three bands (3.9 Gbps aggregate peak).

Advantages of 6 GHz

Wi-Fi 6E provides up to 1200 MHz in the 6 GHz band for higher throughput and improved application performance. With up to seven 160 MHz channels, Wi-Fi 6E can better support low-latency, bandwidth hungry applications like high-definition video and artificial reality/virtual reality applications. Only Wi-Fi 6E capable devices can use the 6 GHz band so there is no interference or slowdowns due to legacy devices.

Device class support

HPE Aruba Networking 630 Series APs are part of the low power indoor (LPI) device class. This fixed indoor-only class uses lower power levels and does not require an Automated Frequency Coordination service (AFC) to manage incumbent outdoor services which is required for standard class APs. The connectorized models will typically operate as Standard Power access points, but may also be allowed to operate as Low Power Indoor devices in some countries.

Less interference

HPE Aruba Networking 630 Series Access Points include HPE Aruba Networking's ultra tri-band filtering, which enables enterprises to take advantage of the high end of 5 GHz with the lower end of 6 GHz without experiencing interference. Since there is only 50 MHz between 5 GHz and the 6 GHz, without advanced filtering, enterprises would likely experience problems between the bands and would therefore be limited in the number of channels available. By applying advanced filtering capabilities, enterprises can take full use of available spectrum without creating coverage gaps or islands.

Business continuity

The HPE Aruba Networking 630 Series APs provide high availability with two HPE Smart Rate ethernet ports for hitless failover for both data and power. Configurable to 1 or 2.5 Gbps, these dual ports provide business continuity for mission critical applications.

Global readiness

While the need for more Wi-Fi capacity is recognized across the globe, countries are approaching 6 GHz differently. The HPE Aruba Networking 630 Series APs are set up to automatically update regulatory rules once 6E regulations have been approved and certified.

Extend the benefits of Wi-Fi 6

The HPE Aruba Networking 630 Series APs are based on the 802.11ax standard, which means that all its efficiency and security enhancements are also available on the 6 GHz band. Wi-Fi 6 features such as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), BSS coloring etc. are fully supported on HPE Aruba Networking Wi-Fi 6E access points as well.

  • Unlocks the 6 GHz band to more than double the available capacity
  • Comprehensive tri-band coverage across 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz to deliver 3.9 Gbps maximum aggregate data rate
  • Up to seven 160 MHz channels in 6 GHz support low-latency, bandwidth-hungry applications like high-definition video and augmented reality/virtual reality applications
  • Unique Ultra Tri-Band (UTB) filtering enables 5 GHz and 6 GHz to operate without restrictions or interference
  • High availability with 2.5 Gbps dual ethernets port for hitless failover of Ethernet and power
  • Built in GPS receivers and intelligent software enable APs to self-locate and act as reference points for accurate indoor location measurements

Main Specifications